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National Community Policing Partnership Initiative


“Strength Through Unity”

 (845) 843-8046

Who we are.

A dedicated group of law enforcement professionals and community leaders committed to building lasting partnerships towards a brighter future in public safety.

What we do.

Collect, create, support and implement cutting edge community policing initiatives designed to connect  law enforcement and our communities.


How Can YOU Help?

Join the NCPPI in our efforts to reach those of influence so they can help our law enforcement and communities succeed across the nation.

The NCPPI Mission

The “National Community Policing Partnership Initiative” was formed in 2014 with one mission: to collaborate with law enforcement and communities to build “Strength Through Unity”.

The NCPPI represents all vested partners from law enforcement, industry, political leadership and the community in advancing innovative ways to build unbreakable partnerships between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Share Your Thoughts

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Who does the NCPPI Serve?

Community Members Across the United States

Sworn Law Enforcement Officers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NCPPI?

The National Community Policing Partnership Initiative was formed in 2014 with a mission to collaborate with law enforcement and community members to build “Strength Through Unity”. The sole purpose of the NCPPI is to engage all partners from law enforcement, industry, political leadership and the community in finding innovative ways to build unbreakable partnerships between law enforcement agencies and the communities that serve.

How can I help spread the NCPPI message?

The NCPPI has many avenues to help community members, political figures, business leaders and law enforcement agencies learn more about our primary initiatives. Please contact us at 845-843-8046 or via email at the bottom of this page. 

What projects are the NCPPI currently involved with?

Members of the NCPPI are regularly involved in a myriad of community policing initiatives throughout the year. From community outreach initiatives to specialized programs. Contact us to learn more.

Can I become a member?

Please contact us HERE to learn about how you or your organization can help support the NCPPI. 

How do you get your message out?

Through our network of partners, the NCPPI engages through lobby affiliates and word of mouth. NCPPI promotes its initiatives by touching those who have the power to make things happen. Our mission is to promote a law enforcement to community partnership in everything we do and our leaders are encouraged to partner with us to see these goals become reality, to the benefit of our law enforcement agencies and community members.

What are the advantages to supporting the NCPPI?

Agencies, communities, business and political leaders who support NCPPI programs are those who have made a true commitment to the advancement of community based policing and the betterment of all law enforcement and their communities across the nation. 

Displaying the NCPPI seal tells your community and law enforcement that you made that commitment to improving our nations public safety landscape. 

New Look. Same Commitment.

We want to welcome you to our brand new website, just launched for the summer of 2020. We will be adding more information about the NCPPI and our initiatives, as we are in the process of implementing this new platform with much more coming soon.

Click to Open and Download NCPPI Flyer


2020/21 NCPPI Primary Initiative. It’s a big one.

Over the years, we are very proud to say that many NCPPI participants have played a major role in the development and implementation of many community policing programs to the betterment of our law enforcement agencies and communities.

In 2020-2021, the NCPPI’s primary focus will be on supporting and helping to implement a unique tool that has been under development for that past six years. This proprietary and innovative concept exemplifies the NCPPI’s core mission; to drastically change the the landscape of community policing for the betterment of our communities and law enforcement agencies.

“This is the BIGGEST and most important initiative the NCPPI has ever participated in. Our lazer-focus is due to the critical and history making positive changes this initiative will make for our nation.”

The NCPPI is currently in the process of assisting with spreading the message and garnering support to launch this nationwide law enforcement platform, which is now complete and ready to launch in communities and agencies across the United States. (We will be revealing the details of this incredible project soon!)

If you know about a community or political leader who would be interested in learning more about this NCPPI initiative, please contact us at 845-843-8046, or by clicking here.


Meet the NCPPI Administrator

Brian Musto

Brian Musto

National Program Administrator 

Achieving in life as a successful business entrepreneur, Brian also has a long history as a community advocate and law enforcement supporter. When asked, Brian enthusiastically answered the call to help the NCPPI achieve its goals. Using his business acumen, Brian excels at presenting the NCPPI initiatives to the the decision makers in local, state and federal government, as well as to community and business leaders across the nation, to forward the mission of the NCPPI and ensure that all projects get the audience they deserve.


“I could not be more honored to assist the NCPPI achieve its goals, which are to spread the power of its community policing programs across the country while championing innovative concepts that proudly serve our brave men and woman of law enforcement and the divers communities we all live in.

The value of a powerful law enforcement and community partnership can never be overstated. I hope you will join me and the NCPPI on this incredible journey.” – Brian Musto

Meet the NCPPI Outreach Director

Zacharey Chopek

Zacharey Chopek

Outreach Director

Zach is a proud graduate of the University of Delaware where he attained his Bachelors Degree in Communications and Business. Zach was a standout baseball player and is a huge Philadelphia Phillies fan. 

In addition to his athletic and educational achievements, Zach is a dedicated community advocate and a strong believer in the value of a strong public safety partnership between law enforcement and the community. Using his “teamwork” mentality, education and winning personality, Zach joined the NCCPI with one mission; to ensure that all elected and appointed local, state and federal leaders are educated to embrace the community policing model and NCCPI principal programs.


“I have been raised to believe that community is everything. When your community is strong, there is nothing you cannot achieve. With that, I know that a strong community starts with a trustworthy public safety system. Please join me and the NCCPI as we bring our law enforcement and communities together, working as one towards a brighter future.” – Zacharey Chopek

Contact the NCPPI

If you would like more information about the NCPPI, wish to join our efforts or are interested in any of the NCPPI initiatives, please contact us at 845-843-8046, or by utilizing the below form.

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